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3 Reasons Why a Subscription Based Payment Keeps You Safe and Happy

Most of the times, when we think of paying for something, we’d just like to pay one time and be done with it. And this kinda makes sense. If you’re not buying something that has to be constantly updated, get support and make sure that you are able to reach that certain company.


While it may seem a little scarry, a subscription based model makes far more sense for a software like Squirrly, then a one time payment. “What’s he talking about?” – you ask.


1) It makes us, the company, realize (in every waking hour) that our own success depends on your success. If our software doesn’t help you in the long run to get more customers, make more sales, appear better in search results, then you’ll stop paying us. And that will be bad for us. So our obvious purpose is to help you, to improve the software accoring to latest changes. It’s a MUST for our software to help you, it’s not optional.


If it were a one-time payment, we may only try dirty tricks to get you to pay for a product that will not help you achieve any results in the long run. We would win money, but you would just lose money. 


And this is not our way at Squirrly. In our Company Culture, the following is embedded: “Always win by helping others win”. We enforce this with the subscription based payment of our software.


2) You get Customer Service from people who are focused on Excellence in Customer Service. We won’t fool around with you. You know this, you are certain of this, because if we do, you quit. And that’s bad for us. So we’ll give our 100% to make things right.


If you would’ve paid us a one time fee, we wouldn’t really care about what you’re asking us, because the money is already in our bank account and you’d have to fix your problems on your own.


See? Our way, with the subscription, you know that there is a team who’s giving it’s best to make things right, keep you updated, reply promptly, etc.


3) We will not disappear. Period. Paying us the subscription ensures that will be available for you any time you want.


Some companies build products, sell some hundreds, thousands of copies and then they’re gone, doing whatever else they want to do. And we could do the same if we charged only once.


Instead, we’ll be here, because we are tied to one another in a happy collaborative relationship. And both parties win from this in the long run 🙂


I wrote this because we wanted to build a one-time fee once. But then we figured that you wouldn’t be safe at all, you wouldn’t be able to trust us that way and we wouldn’t be motivated to provide you Excellence neither in SEO, nor in Customer Service. And that would not be a company that we’d like to be in. We want to be in your company, with our Company 🙂


Best regards,

Florin Muresan

Founder and CEO

Squirrly Limited UK

Florin Muresan
Innovator & CEO
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