Why networking is a vital part of saying I Exist

Networking is a subject that I’ve been greatly involved with this last year. I had the great epiphany that networking is important. A-hem! Please excuse me. What I meant to say was: “Networking is vital!”


Imagine the following: Nobody knows you. You are not a personal brand. How do you say “I Exist”? Remember that the Cause I started is all about saying I Exist efficiently. You can say I Exist to yourself for as much as you want. It will not be of much help. Well at least not until you figure out that saying I Exist is what you really want to do. So, naturally, you’d start saying I Exist to people you know or come into contact with. You see? Networking. The very first step to getting noticed.


We build the game that gets you noticed at Cif2.net. When you build your Smartsite, one of the first things that you have to do is to actually network with people. That’s the most simple and most basic thing that you can do to get noticed right away. Yet, it is overlooked a lot.


Networking is vital. James Altucher, angel investor and Tech Crunch editor, said that his deepest regret is that he ignored networking for most of his life. “It’s the reason why I’m not a multi-millionaire.” he sais.


So start networking. Attend the conferences and events taking place in your city, in a city near you, find people, meet people. Say I Exist!

Say I Exist by allowing other people to say I Exist

Dale Carnegie wrote an amazing book called “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. It is not a book of manipulation, it is simply a book of urging people to be more human and empathize with the people with whom they interact.


In the book, Dale wrote that president Roosevelt was very popular. Extremly popular. And the key to his getting noticed and being so popular was the fact that he remembered the names of each person he came into contact with. Remarcable? Yes. And no. He didn’t do this because he was a super-human. Don’t think that he had the memory of an elephant. He simply exercized. A lot. With each name he heard. After meeting any one person or group of persons he closed himself in his office and shut his eyes. Then, he recalled the faces of those persons and to each face he attached a name. He repeated until he thought he got their names right.


You see? A simple excercise. Why doesn’t everybody do it? Because they are too busy with only caring about their own selves. This is a great way to make people know about you. Simply remember things about them and then show them you remembered them. Everybody wants to be remembered. And you will have just won a new fan. A new person who will talk about you or even recommend you when need be.


Say I Exist, but also allow others to say I Exist..

Integrity and how to use it to get noticed

Integrity. People know about this value. You know it too, right? You see it in people’s LinkedIN profiles, on their facebook pages, their websites, their pitches…


But what do they know of integrity? They just use it to try and sell themselves, poor mediocre bastards. Integrity when you hear it is just like something those mediocre people would say to try and look good.


What about the people who actually value Integrity? Who live and breathe integrity? Well, those people you and I talk a lot about. Remember that business partner or that friend who said (did not even promise or give his best word) that he’d do something and really did it. He really did what he said he’d do. On time. Exactly as he said. Now remember how many times you’ve told others about his deed.


We talk about the people who deliver on their promises. Why? Because they are so very hard to come across. We’re used to liars, to lazy people, to people who don’t care about anything or anyone. So when we finally see someone who DOES what he/she SAIS, we’re like “Oh my God! Unbelievable.” So next time a subject related to that person strikes in a conversation you go like: “I know someone who…”


This is perhaps one of the best networking tools available in the world. I mean it’s obvious. Maybe that’s why it is ALWAYS over-looked. People will always recommend those who live and breathe integrity. Because they are always trust worthy. And we only want to recommend trust worthy people.


Find integrity. Other then inner peace, it will open doors in your quest to get noticed. The best doors.