Build a Fundable Startup – How Sam Zaid and Make Raising Money Easy

Build a Fundable Startup – How Sam Zaid and Make Raising Money Easy | StartupPlays


Raising money is one of the hardest things to do as a startup entrepreneur.  It takes a lot of time to find willing investors, pitch them the right story, and negotiate with little leverage.  Sam Zaid has a lot of experience pitching VCs – and a lot of experience closing deals, too.  Sam has had several high-growth startups including the 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt Winning startup

How To Attend a Conference – some really useful tips

Kevin McDonagh on: How to attend a conference – on startups


Conferences are the best way to quickly extend a business network and, if done correctly, attendance and the follow up is an arduous but rewarding endeavour. Uninitiated networking professionals commonly attend conference days in hope of stumbling across opportunity whilst floating amongst their peers, but without discipline, the majority of business opportunities are likely to go unrealised.

How to Fix Height of TR?

You may have problems when coding in HTML with table’s TR. You want a certain height for a line and can’t get it, so you say <td height=”2″> for example, but your <tr> will still have a height of 12. that may be because you have some &nbsp; in your <td>    </td>  


to fix that, just set the font-size to what you want 🙂 cheers!