Req quality for Cif of the Day needs some improvement

I’ve been trying a few stuff for it, as I don’t always have the awesome camera around here every day. Guess it would be cool to be able to rec all the Cifs of the Day like


So, my BB Curve doesn’t rec that good. First 13 episodes + 2 specials have been recorded with it. Now trying my HP laptop webcam and another A4 Tech.


Hope this goes well. Fingers crossed

Get even more #win when you’re fully focused

I love the #win we’re getting step by step with developing on this #devsummer.



We’ve tested out the new interface today and it will be a great #win on time and experience to update your website. Plus, we’re going to get podcast capabilities into the accounts.


We’ve already discussed some of the ideas for the Cif2 Community Place, where you can talk to the other users in the community. I won’t let too much out because I want to see you excited when you’ll first discover the new stuff.


Have fun with This #devsummer will make it even awesome-er! 😀

Office Pimpout at #devsummer

What you are about to see here is failure to communicate:



The way my office used to look. Did not speak to me at all. It was horrible having this. And since it’s #devsummer, I can’t work in a place like that. Dude, come on, look:


uncool office


#devsummer , the one summer in which we will make soar like an eagle, requires #win and #awesomeness 😀


So, I’ve decided to pimp out my office a bit:





Now, my office is a #win ! 😀