My latest 3 Webdesigns have pleased very much :D

I’m so happy about the feedback I’ve received from my 3 latest clients. Truth be told, these designs really are some of my best and when I received the feedback I was like: “Yes, that’s what I love to hear !”
They all said it was exactly what they had wanted them to be and on one of them, where a business is presented, I received praise for the marketing message from 2 very succesful marketing people here in Romania. Needless to say, I was stunned.
I will upload the designs to my blog later on. 

Cif Strike – Mission Commence ! is ready !
Bugs corrected, plenty of options for you to make your Blog or your website, build a cause or join a cause and pretty much do what you always wanted to do online.
So we are launching a full scale attack on getting more people into the Community 😀

3, 2, 1, are you ready to rock ?
– First Strike… Commence !

My First Speech for Toastmasters

I checked in yesterday @ the FSPAC – UBB and I wrote that I was preparing my Ice Breaker speech for Toastmasters.
The Ice Breaker Speech is the first speech every new member gives. It was a challenge for me, because I had to talk for only 6 minutes. This is something new for me and very hard to do, because I talk a lot and usually, my presentation range from 20 minutes to 1 hour. 6 Minutes was hard !
I managed to create empatical links with the audience in the begining, so that I made it MY audience, which was awesome ! They actually liked my ideas and how I presented them and told me that I used more advanced techniques, which appear later on in the Toastmasters manual. They also appreciated that I was natural.
I was glad I could make it all rotate around the Core Idea of my speech, which was iExist.
The problem was that I had to rush a lot at one point, because I was running out of time. I need to improve for the next speeches and I think it will help me to learn not to talk so much. There will be times when I’ll need to fit in the given timeline.
Thank you very much, dear readers. I want to tell you that you should join the Toastmasters in your area. It’s simply well-spent time. You can learn a lot and improve your Speaking Skills. Thank you.
Florin Muresan

What a week !

Yeah, what a week ! I felt the need to say that again.
I’ve been working on awesome stuff for the whole week. Managed to finish the last few details of and finally launch it in it’s v1.0 phase. It’s fully functional now and the website has enough content on it to help people understand what it is all about.
I kinda joined Toast Masters, here in Cluj, I went to last Monday’s meeting and tomorrow I’ll give a speech about “Florin Muresan – iExist !”. Hope that will go well.
I also finished the new design for The Marketing Health and it’s gonna look great.
Also managed to keep all my promises to friends and I am glad for that. I finally feel like I can manage my time well and do all the things I want to do.
Well see you this next week. Good Night, folks !

Happy 1st of March – Google Romania stuff

La mulţi ani de mărţişor!
It’s nice to see Google offers us a “Martisor”, to remind us of the spring that might come.
It was really nice to see this today 😀 Happy 1st of March.
Too bad they are so much taking directions from the US Goverment and helping people only because they have a direct interest, not because they believe in something. Yeah, they helped Egipt, but ignored Libya. Which totally sux, and they kiss Obama’s behind.