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Important to Know: 2 Codes and 3 Codes customers (Sumo-lings) will ALSO get Co-Branding capabilities via Web Dev Kit features, as well as better control over every single ZIP file they install … and great benefits for agency owners.

Co-Branding is NOT full Whitelabel. It’s built for agencies. You can see everything about it here:

We’ve created the Web Dev Kit for Co-Branding Capabilities, but also as a B I G request from agencies and developers who really wanted to offer their customers the absolute best – while also being able to install the plugin and monitor the clients from a single account.

Please take a look at this page – in the section where we compare the Web Dev Kit to the classic Agency plan we sell – for more details.

It’s important to note that the Web Dev Kit is NOT a white-label solution. As mentioned above, it is meant to provide co-branding capabilities (partial customization options).

The Web Dev Kit features are for co-branding only, NOT for completely removing Squirrly branding.

It wouldn’t be useful to agencies anyway, because customers would not believe an agency has sufficient manpower, budget (we’ve spent over $2 Million USD on our tech) and talent to build algorithms for machine learning and do the kind of big data analysis that Squirrly does, so it’s good that they know Squirrly is the data provider and your agency is the one implementing the service for them.

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